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Europe in My City 2019


International documentary competition
Under the patronage of Ms. Eva Maydell,
Bulgarian politician, Member of the European Parliament


To celebrate the Europe Day on May 9-th the festival director of the ARLEKIN Children's and Youth Media Art Festival organizes an international contest for short film or a short story about Europe in my City. The contest has educational purpose and aims to encourage and provoke young people to show their peers how Europe and the projects funded by EU change the everyday life of the people and the look of the city they live in.
The contest is under the patronage of Ms. Eva Maydell, a Member of the European Parliament for  Bulgarian. Media partners of the competition are The Bulgarian National Television, The Bulgarian National radio, The Bulgarian News Agency.
The RIGHT to participate in the contest has everyone between 8 and 18 years old. In order to participate, the participant must accept all Terms and Conditions. The video can be submitted by one contestant or by a team of up to 3 participants.


The author of the film must be the contestant himself and the theme must be related to the "Europe in my City". The film should show the spiritual and economic development in the city achieved with the help of the European Union. The product content should respect good manners and should not contain discriminant elements or violence.
All mobile devices, such as a smart phone, a computer, or a tablet, can be used to capture the video and to edit the content. Any royalty free sounds and music may be used. If the material used in the film has a copyright the participant in the contest should provide written permission from the authors.
Films must not have been published online and must not have participated in other festivals and competitions before being presented at the “Europe in my City” contest. The film duration should be up to 8 minutes in Resolution HD or Full HD in format MP4, WMV, MPG2. English subtitles should be sent in SRT, SUB, SBV formats.
Everyone who wants to participate can apply via the e-form published on the Festival web site between 1 and 31 March 2019. Applications in any other mode shall not be considered by the Selection Committee for participation admittance. Upon filing the Participation Application, each participant receives a Registration Number for participating in the competition.

Each participant uploads his movie to an online platform. The filename should match the participant's registration number. The deadline for submitting the films is March 31, 2019.
Each participant   fills-in a Participant Declaration and agrees over the copyrights regarding his/her photo- and video-taking, personal data processing and usage of his/her product/s. If the participant is under 18, the declaration is signed by a parent/guardian.
Participants presenting films, which contain music or video with reserved rights, should present ( if requested by the organizers) a declaration that gives permission to use these materials. If such declaration is not presented, the organizer of the contest reserves the right to not admit the presented film in the contest.
Films not compliant with the Terms and Conditions are not allowed to compete.
The list of Admitted Participants will be published by April 5, 2019 on the After the final validation, the participant will receive a confirmation.


A professional three-member Jury, formed by the organizers of the contest, evaluates and nominates 10 films for the final stage of the competition. The list of the nominated films will be published by April 30, 2019. Nominated films will be uploaded to an online platform for public discussion and voting.
The final stage will take place on 5 May 2019 in the form of a live online presentation, during which all nominated films will be presented by their authors. Participants have to make their presentation in English. During the presentation, the professional jury and the audience will vote online to determine the award-winning films.


Awards of the Professional Jury:

  • First prize - Statuette and Diploma

  • Second prize - Diploma

  • Third prize - Diploma

Audience Award - Diploma
All the authors of the awarded films will be guests at the ARLEKIN Children's and Youth Media Art Festival, which will take place in Varna from 7 to 11 June 2019 and their films will be shown in the festival's out-of-competition programme.
By May 9, 2019, all films will be posted on an online free platform as well as distributed to the media partners of the distribution contest. This initiative will mark the Europe Day at the International Children's and Youth Media Art Festival "ARLEKIN".

Contact and additional information:
For additional information please check the festival website or contact us at or

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