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Arlekin 2019


Under the patronage of Ministry of Education and Science
Varna, Bulgaria, 8-11 June 2019

Festival Shedule


The ARLEKIN Festival is held under the motto "The World in My Eyes" and aims to encourage children and youth imagination and creativity to create original media products by means of digital technologies.
Partners of the Festival are Varna Municipality, The State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, BDZH, BNT, BTA, BNR, “Bulgaria Now” Gazette (Chicago), the Italian Cultural Institute.

The Festival is held under two programmes: national and international. It may be attended by children and young people up to the age of 20 years from Bulgaria and abroad.

No participation fee is required for both programmes. Accommodation at the Varna Grand Hotel, St.Konstantin and Elena Complex, is paid by the participants.


  • Cinema &   TV

  • Animation

  • Radio

  • Internet   Media

  • Photography

  • Song Competition “Cinema My Love, My Song”

The Song competition is held under a separate regulation published on the Festival web site.

Each participant (inclusive of group of participants) has the right to apply for participating with one and the same product only under one of the programmes. Each participant may apply with 3 different products at the most (video clip, audio recording, photographies, etc.) for the separate categories under each one of the programmes.

For participating in the International programme, the Cinema & TV and the Animation categories, separate subtitles to the film should be sent in SRT, SUB, SBV formats. Applications for participating in the Festival are submitted via completing the e-form published on the Festival web site

Applications in any other mode shall not be considered by the Selection Committee for participation admittance.

Upon filing the Participation Application, each participant receives a Registration Number for participating in the   Festival.

The product content should respect good manners and should not  contain discriminative elements or   violence.

Each application for the separate categories under both programmes is considered by a Selection Committee of experts, which determine the admitted to participate. The decisions of the committee are final.

By April 20, 2019, participants in the Cinema & TV category present a promoclip of their product with duration not longer than 1 minute for admittance to the Festival, and for the other categories the finished product.
The List of Admitted Participants is published on the Festival web site by
April 15, 2019. Final versions of the products are submitted by May 10, 2019. Each product is submitted as a file with a name containing only the participants registration number.
Each admitted product is demonstrated before the Jury and the public within the Festival days. After its demonstration, the author/s answer questions from the audience in the demonstration hall. Demonstrations are recommened to be done in the English language. If that impossible, a simultaneous interpretation is used by an external for the team interpreter.
Each Participant in the Festival days fills-in a Participant Declaration which regulates the rights for his/her photo- and video-taking, personal data processing and usage of his/her product/s. In case the participant is under-age, the declaration is signed by a parent/guardian.
During the festival days, the audience in the Hall votes anonymously for awarding the Prize of the Audience in each category. The prizes of the professional jury are statuettes and diplomas.

A videoclip, created individually or as a team work, is admitted for participating in this category. The videoclip should be in Resolution HD or Full HD in format MP4, WMV, MPG2. It should meet the requirements of one of the following lines: feature films, documentaries, reporting films (highlights), promo films.
Participants presenting films, which contain music and movie shots with reserved rights, should present at request by the Festival a declaration for lawful usage of these materials. In case of such declaration not submitted, the Festival reserves its right to not admit the presented film in the competition   programme.
Under this category
Arlekin prizes are awarded for idea and screenplay, cinematogtaphic artistry, directing, editing and by one prize for Best Product in each line.

Feature films
Short novel with a story line and characters.
The film duration should be within 8-10 minutes with starting and closing inscriptions included. Films should have neither been published on online platforms nor having participated in other festivals and competitions before being presented at the Arlekin Festival. Participation in this line could be done by a ready author
s film or by a film realized with support. Participants via the first option create the screenplay, take and edit the film by themselves. Participants via the second option pass through the following stages:
Application for idea for making a film
by December 20, 2018. The application is submitted by way of completing an e-form on the Festival web   site;
Virtual training for creating screenplay and the means of expression of the cinema art
15.01.2019-15.02.2019. Training is performed at a virtual classroom and by individual   consultations;
Providing support for shooting and editing the film
after February 15, 2019. The support could be handed by students from other schools. No limitation for actor selections in this line the cast may include students, teachers, parents, acquaintances and even professional   actors.
Documentary films
Film of 8-10-minute duration with educatuonal orientation, presenting an event, a process, an achievement or a socially important theme.

Highlights (reporting films)
Videoclip of up to 3-minute duration, reporting on an event or an achievement referring to the age group of the Festival.

Film of up to 5-minute duration, presenting a favorite populated location (city, village, locality) with an advertising focus. Authors should present emblematic places and people therefrom. Clips admitted to the competition programme will be published in the interactive card of the Festival, which could be seen on its web site.

This category accepts for participation short animated films produced by means of various technical modes. Participants compete in three lines:
Line 1
Participants at the age of up to 8   years
Line 2
Participants at the age of 9-14 years
Line 3
Participants at the age of 15-20 years
Videoclips under this category should be in MP4, MOV, WMV, SWF, MPG2 formats. An
Arlekin prize is awarded in each one of the three lines.

Audio format products are presented under this category in one of the following lines: Radio Journalism and Audio Dramatization.
Products should be of up to 7-minute duration and submitted in the MP3, WAV, AIFF file formats. In each line one
Arlekin prize is awarded.
For participating in the international programme a phonograma of the content in the English language is submitted in a text document named by the registration number of the participant.
Radio journalism

An audio product representing a radio broadcast or reporting (highlights). In case the original product is over 7 minutes, its short version should be presented, with musical performance cut.

Audio dramatization
An audio product representing an audio dramatization of a literary work or a part of it.

Under this category YouTube, VBOX7 channels, vloggers and bloggers participate with their sites. Recent publications on them should not be of a period longer than 1 month as of the date of application. Admitted participants present their product and answer questions from the Jury and the public within 7 minutes. In this line one Arlekin prize is awarded for Best Internet Media.

Participation under this category is individual. Each participant should submit up to 10 authors photographies without any collages used for producing the photographies.
Their dimensions should not be less than 2550 x 3300 and in some of the JPG, PNG, TIFF formats. Thereto the participant sends a description of each photography containing the name of the camera and lens having made the photos with, as well as additional computer processing.

Each photography is named by the participants registration number, followed by a dash and order number. An example for naming the third photo by a participant with number 124: 124-03.
Each admitted to participate in the Festival presents before the Jury and the audience his/her photographies and answers questions within 7 minutes. In this line one  
Arlekin prize is awarded for Best Photographer.

All participants under this category may take part in the competition “The Best

Photography   of   the   Festival”,   which   is   held   during   the   Festival.   Each   participant   should submit one photography from the festival days as publishing it on an online platform.

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